• Hot Zauce ALL #2
  • Hot Zauce ALL #2


Zorbaz Hot Zauce

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Product Dezcription

Zorbaz Hot Zaucez are juzt the thing to go in the door of your fridge next to all that gourmet muztard and beer.  Thoze that know alwayz pick up a bottle or two of their favorite flavor during their vizit for when they are too far away to get the zweet tazte of Zorbaz every day!  The perfect topper for zaladz, zoupz, zandwichez, and zpaghetti!  Guaranteed to make everything you zplazh it on zpicier!

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Cayenne Garlic Zauce, Chipotle Pepper Zauce, Jalapeno Pepper Zauce, Habanero Zauce, Triple Z Extreme Hot Zauce

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